Saturday, March 5, 2016

Top 2016 Trends in PA Jobs—Referrals Will Produce 50% of New Hires

Recruiting for PA jobs in London can be a challenging process. Companies strive to find the best candidate for the role, but in such a competitive economy, recruiters need to be savvy to succeed. Leading businesses like Google are now securing around fifty percent of their new hires via referrals. Benefits of referrals include increased speed of hire, less cost per hire and positive impact on diversity. With studies proving referral programmes commonly result in the best-quality candidates, highest volume hires and best retention rates, referrals are set to become a key trend in 2016.

Improve Diversity

Hiring via referrals makes candidates aware of the company’s desire to find the highest quality candidates. By also including a focus on diversity, it highlights the company’s commitment to this.

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